Left in Ruins – Breathless, Restless, Hopeless [2012]

1. Entrapped
2. Breathless
3. Hopeless
4. Guilty
5. Dig
6. Revenge
7. Wait In Vain
Left In Ruins are one of the most promising band in the Italian hardcore scene, this new ep contain eight furious minute of trashy riffs, pummeling drums along some great dynamics and blast. Higly recommended!

Lentic Waters – s/t [2011]

1. Intro
2. Panopticon
3. Ramschtischgesinnung
4. Interlude
5. The small boy and the sea
6. A father’s death
7. Interlude
8. Unendlichkeit
9. Im herbst erfroren
After the killing split with Planks, here’e the first record by Lentic Waters, destructive.

Bökanövsky – Demo [2012]

1. I
2. II
3. III
4. IV
5. V
Bökanövsky play a great kind of screamo and post-hardcore, with that peculiar sound that french band have. This demo is the only stuff released since We Stumble, their last record released in 2009, and will be rerecorded after the summer tour along with other songs to form the new full length, enjoy.

No Faith – No Faith LP [2012]

1. Void
2. Herd Of Sheep
3. Black Out
4. False Existence
5. Bleak Numb Hollow
6. Caught In The Gears
7. Predator
8. The Glow
9. You Are Now Entertaining Free Derry
10. Mental Abyss
11. Process Of Repitition
12. Life Is Disease
13. Exile
14. Never Bow
15. Horrid
No Faith shares two memebers with Vaccine and the guitarist from Sqrm, this fifteen tracks are drenched in noisy/raw powerviolence, like an oncoming train, so powerful so fast.

Panic – Circles [2006]

1. Rise
2. Ramparts
3. Shadow Park
4. Hello Young Lions
5. Hum
6. Wolves Circle The Wolves
An old school hardcore band on Reflection Records. They were from Boston and this was their last EP after the reunion in 2005.

Aspergers – Aspergers [2012]

1. Ugly
2. Jiojika 6 Ot
3. Three-day Weekend
4. 22:22
Aspergers comes from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, after various splits their new selftitled shovel four chaotic and intense songs, their music style draws mostly from screamo and emoviolence with frantic drums and raw, harsh riffs.

Portraits Of Past – 01010101 [1995]

1. KQED Equals Volvo
2. Bang Yer Head
3. The Control Freak
4. Implications Of A Sinkhole
5. Snicker Snicker
6. Something Less Than Intended
Portraits of Past was a band from San Francisco in the mid-nineties. When this record was released on Ebullition in 1995, it didn’t sell well, but this album became a millstone of screamo inspiring tons new bands.