Ghostlimb – Bearing & Distance [2008]

1. Port Of Call
2. Southwest Passage
3. Seven
4. Document
5. Saltaye
6. Ruins
7. Drowned In A Drought
8. The Force That Gives Us Meaning
9. Copywritten
10. Estate Sale
11. Laughter
12. Bridge Above The Water
13. The Ocean Floor
14. Age Old
15. Loxodrome
This three piece band from Los Angeles deliver a fast paced, angry hardcore right in your face. In just 20 minutes raw guitar, scratching voice, and thrash influenced parts will hit you; this is their second work and a great album of hardcore of the last years. Featuring members of Graf Orlock and Dangers. The cover art is the map of California as an island after the Big One 😀

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