Town Portal – Chronopoly [2012]

1. Chronoceros
2. Mad With Power
3. Samoan Maneuver
4. Entropia
5. Cool Face Doom Service
6. Infinite Improvidence
7. Uncle Genie
8. Coordinated Universal Time Stretch
Just about one year has passed since Town Portal captured and released the first fragment of their non-verbal musical universe in the shape of the EP Vacuum Horror, which was merely released digitally on a pay-what-you-want basis. Since then the constellation has been reduced from four men to three, forcing Town Portal to decompose and reconstruct approaches to sound and composition. These endeavors has resulted in the debut album Chronopoly (from Greek ‘chronos’ and English ‘monopoly’). Like its predecessor this record still offers instrumental rock-music with a sludgy dropped tune hook, which serves as counterweight to complex and playful compositions. With a tireless curiosity new ways are sought out, of combining tones in untraditional ways, with the traditional guitar-bass-drum constellation. On Chronopoly though, these well-known components mutate to their extremes, and form a release that is both more complex, melodic, direct, and boundary pushing than the predecessor; an exponential development in a well-governed welter of metal, shoegaze, indie, and progressive rock.
Since this record was more expensive they decided to fix an amount for the digital download, but it is ment just to push people donate something, since the effort and the talent put into this release, so support this great band.

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