Capsule – No Ghost [2011]

1. Neuralize So Numb
2. Small Caps
3. Outline
4. Ton Work
5. Future World Citizen
6. Graft
7. Rylan
8. Isn’t Us
9. Kayso
10. Gown Of Frost
11. Miscology
12. _
It’s hard to catch a breath while listening to Capsule, their creativity and composing skills make hard to follow all the variations that occur between fast, pummeling drums and frantic guitar work. Formed back in 2005, this is their second lp and what makes this a great release is that the myriad of influences from post-hardcore, powerviolence even sludgy mathy riffs, assemble songs that evolve while listening, almost no repetitions but a flow of aggressive and spastic melodies.

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