His Hero Is Gone – Monuments to Thieves [1997]

1. Like Weeds
2. Monuments to Thieves
3. Paranoia Secured
4. Carry On
5. Automation
6. Chavites
7. Chain of Command
8. Headless / Heartless
9. Hinges
10. Sin & Vice
11. The Mess
12. Disease of Ease
13. Under Watchful Eyes
14. Stacks
15. The Unwanted Child
Formed in 1995, His Hero Is Gone was one of the most influential band of late 90s, beign the core of Tragedy, their music is an hard-hitting crust punk along some sludge parts, strong anti-consumerism and political lyrics that made them live long even after the breakup in 1999.
Monuments to Thieves testify the impact of the aggressive and melodic sound of HHIG, and its influence after more that ten years.

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