Lewd Acts – Black Eye Blues [2009]

1. Know Where To Go 
2. Wide Black Eyes 
3. Nightcrawlers 
4. You Don’t Need Me 
5. I Don’t Need You 
6. Who Knew the West Coast Could Be So Cold 
7. Penmanship Sailed 
8. Young Lovers, Old Livers 
9. Rot Gut Charlie 
10. My Father Was a Locomotive 
11. Nowhere To Go 
Lewd Acts disbanded a couple of months before I could see them live, every time I heard this album I know how lucky I am.. Coming from San Diego, their powerful impact with a raw hardcore punk sourrounded with harsh vocals, metal influences and an original songwriting, made them release their debut lp on Deathwish. The producion made by Kurt Ballou is marvelous, and give credit to the stunning potential of this band, thou it didn’t last for long.

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