Magrudergrind – S/T [2009]

1. The Protocols Of Anti-Sound
2. Pulverizing Hate Mongers
3. Rejecting The Militant Promise
4. Assimilated Pollutants
5. Abuse Of Philanthropic Self Gain
6. Fools Of Contradiction
7. Heretics
8. Bridge Burner
9. Cranial Media Parasite
10. Excommunicated
11. The Price Of Living By Delinquent Ideals
12. Built To Blast
13. Lyrical Ammunition For Scene Warfare
14. Rise And Fall Of Empires Past
15. Heavier Bombing
16. Martyrs Of The Shoah
17. Untitled
This is one of those albums that got me at the first listening, Magrudergrind is a three piece band based in Washington DC, blasting a powerful and shattering mix of powerviolence and grind, together with great political lyrics. The most stunning fact is that having only a drum and a guitar they create an incredible sound,
both in fast and slower songs, like the amazing Bridge Burner. Despite being so much into anti-capitalism and DIY there is certain feeling about their release on Scion/AV in 2010 that you can read here, still I’ll let you judge with your eyes:

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