Raein – Ogni Nuovo Inizio [2008]

1. 1 di 6
2. 2 di 6
3. 3 di 6
4. 4 di 6
5. 5 di 6
6. 6 di 6
This release was the return of the most influencing band in the screamo scene of Italy and Europe, after a few years from any actual new material, they released a few compilation, Raein added a guitarist, made one song, divided it into 6 part and served cold. Yet not so cold rhythms and melodies, on this concept album on friendship and distance, but great emotional and intense guitar works, sometimes spoken words, crafting what I refer to as their best work so far, because with this they found an original sound, distant from the frantic screamo of the old release, towards a cleaner and more melodic form.

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