Retox – Ugly Animals [2011]

1. The World Is Ending, And It’s About Time
2. Thirty Cents Shy Of A quarter
3. A Bastard On Father’s Day
4. A Funeral on christmas Sunday
5. Stick A fork In It
6. Cement Sucking
7. Boredom Is Counter-Revolutionary
8. Ten Pounds Of Shit In A Five Pound Bag
9. A Captive Audience
10. Sorry We Are Just Not Compatible
11. Piss Elegant
Retox is a fast an aggressive band from San Diego. Some of them is coming from other really heavy bands like The Locust and Holy Molar, but they started something different from their previous works. It’s something like a primitive punk with short noisy parts, that convey a strong direct message of hate and disgust of the world we live in. Ugly Animals is thirteen minutes in eleven songs, a stern “fuck you” as a reaction to modern times.

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