The Chariot – Long Live [2010]

1. Evan Perks
2. The Audience
3. Calvin Makenzie
4. The City
5. Andy Sundwall
6. The Earth
7. David de la Hoz
8. The Heavens
9. Robert Rios
10. The King
Humbly I had no idea who were behind The Chariot the first time I listened to them, what I liked was the raw and crude wall of sound, the intense vocals and the pummeling energy unleashed by the guitars. Later I found out this is the project of the former singer of Norma Jean, they’re quite big, selling stuff over Hot Topic, even calling themselves a Christian band, few things that would make me not buy this album. Still give it a try, music is music, and look at their video down here filmed in a single take.


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