Weekend Nachos – Worthless [2011]

1. Hometown Hero
2. Obituary
3. Black Earth
4. For Life
5. Old Friends Don’t Mean Shit
6. Frostbitten
7. The Meeting
8. Worthless
9. Friendship
10. Jock Powerviolence
11. The Fine Art Of Bullshit
12. Dubviolence
13. You Could Exist Tomorrow
14. Future
Despite the funny name this four guys from Chicago will smash your face with a powerful and aggressive mix of hardcore and power violence, probably one of the best band in their genre. Worthless is their third lp and tracks a new line in their music evolution, with fast and pummeling part along slower sludgy breakdowns and fast acceleration, this fourteen tracks are like a bus coming in front of you. waiting for tomorrow to see them live! Get it!

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