Empire State Games – Discography [2002]

1. The Wrong Way To Hold A Microphone
2. Trivial Pursuit
3. Rod Pop
4. Falling Forward
5. The Evil Song
6. You Said Yourself
7. Circus Strongman
8. Armchair General
9. 100 Years Of Baseball
10. Dialogue (From A Movie)
11. Just What I Needed
12. Judgement Of Paris [live]
I discovered this band just a couple years ago, and didn’t find any news on the web, except that they were from Michigan, formed the band in 1996 and disbanded in 1998, and that’s probably why their discography is pretty short.
They played a mix of 90’s emo and a Jawbreaker-ish sound punk rock, some say they sound similar to Texas Is The Reason, but more aggressive and more punk rock in my opinion.

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