Pygmy Lush – Bitter River [2007]

1. Nonsensical Tremor 
2. Hurt Everything 
3. Universal Order at 0mph 
4. Slave to a Teenager 
5. Big Black River 
6. Send Bombs 
7. Headless 
8. Foul Mouth Mother 
9. Red Room Blues 
10. Malady Savvy 
11. Hurt Everything 
12. Baptism of Isa Lee 
13. Send Bombs 
14. Boys of Swift Creek Reservoir 
15. September Song 
16. Throw the Jockey
We introduced a few days ago about Pygmy Lush that shares members with Pg.99, Malady and City Of Caterpillar, thus moving into an acoustic/folk sounds deepened by the screamo and pg.99-ish influences. Bitter River was released in 2007 under Robotic Empire, unlike the newer records, which have lost all the screamo influences, here frantic and fast tracks change into gloom and dark acoustic sounds, and the flow of songs is incredibly smooth, because every instrument here seems to fit perfectly into its place and also proving that great musicians can grow from that chaotic hardcore/screamo we know.

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