Shitstorm – Paranoid Existence [2009]

1. Paranoid Existence
2. Burning Alive
3. Brainwashed
4. Victim 
5. Controlling 
6. Mince Meat Human 
7. Drowning
8. Mental Block 
9. Hang It Up 
10. PC Fucks
11. Cold Hatred 
12. Hurley Punks 
13. Gettin’ Heated 
14. Crack Lady 
15. Doomed 
16. Destroy Them All 
17. Ego Trip
18. The Hell We Call Home
19. Shitstorm 
20. Weapon Of Choice 
21. Locked Up
Shitstorm is an abrasive powerviolence band from Miami that shares members with Torche and Capsule. This is a collection of their work from 2004 to 2009. 

I Stared Into the Forest – Unframed Pictures of Our Epilogue [2012]

1. No Longer Here
2. Failing Lungs
3. Their Crooked Teeth
4. To Hang By A Thread
New ep by I Stared Into the Forest from Brasov, Romania, this new four songs have an harder and more chaotic style than their previous work, drifting into a thecnical and mathy structure combining elements from hardcore, metal and screamo. For now its a digital release, 7″s will be available in spring 2013 through Fading Halo records and Ulterior Tapes.
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Extortion – Loose Screws [2010]

3.The Pessimist
5.Stare At The Sun
7.Kill The Lights
9.Faulty Warning
11.Grind To A Halt
12.Socially Inept
Extortion are an australian band from Perth, active since 2005 they carry around a fast hardcore with influences of powerviolence, this is their last work and is short but powerful, with a simple song structure but a well done song writing that helped them gather fans all over the world.

Spazz | Lack Of Interest – Double Whammy [1997]

1. Satan’s Scrilla
2. Socal Battle Royale
3. Gilman 90210
4. Short Songs
5. Doomriden’
6. Hey Bob, What’s Up?
Lack Of Interest
7. Mislead and Deranged
8. Rotgut
9. Family Massacre
10. Plastic Armor
11. Writing on the Wall
12. No More/Don’t Tell Me
13. Spazz Live
14. Lack of Interest Live
Here’s a foundamental powerviolence split, with two of the most influent band of the genre. Pressed in 1997 on vinyl and repressed as cd in 2000, you’d be lucky to have one.

Aussitôt Mort | The Catalyst – Split [2012]

Aussitôt Mort
1. La Bourse
The Catalyst
2. Thumbsucker
3. Our Sience Is Too Tight
Great split by two band that share a rooted sound into hardcore while giving their own personal view, Aussitôt Mort from France presents a track that mostly resemble their screamo and post-rockish riffs and structures, The Catalyst instead keep on their sound drenched in reverb and noisy riffs. Highly Recommended!


Asilo – Geografías / Wardance [2012]

Asilo is 4 piece doom-crust band from buenos aires argentina since 2010, with two bass players and no guitar.
We Avoid – Petrichor [2012]

We Avoid is an Italian hardcore band, pissed and raging.

The Storm – s/t [2012]

The Storm was formed in 2008 and is a vegan Hardcore/Punk-Band from East-Germany.


Valerinne – Kunstformen der natur [2012]
Valerinne is a 3 piece instrumental post-rock/post-metal band from Bucharest, Romania

Barlow – Vol. 2 [2012]
Barlow, trash/hardcore from Halifax NS, just finished putting out their second release titled ‘Vol.2’. 

Ciro Madd – Sleeping in the Rough Sea [2012]

Debut record, a lo-fi, psychedelic, shoegaze, folk mixture of sounds by this brasilian author.

Expectations – Gone [2012]
After releasing their debut self-titled album in the end of March, Expectations are back with a new EP.