Okkultokrati – Snakereigns [2012]

1. No Ouroboros 
2. Snakereigns 
3. Invisible Ley 
4. I Thought Of Demons 
5. Acid Eagle One 
6. Unconscious Mind 
7. We So Heavy 
8. Let the Sun Receive Her King 
9. Nothing Awaits 
Norwegian blackened punk rock with influences from hardcore/doom/rock n’roll, a unique and caustic sound that made it in many top 2012 I’ve seen.


Assfactor 4 – Smoked Out 7" [1993]

1. Goodies Powers
2. Sob
3. Rubik
4. Sheepskingraft
5. E-Rock’s Newer Rock
6. Thanks, Kelly
7. Mr. McCheekbone
8. Smoked Out
9. Robots
One of the best 7″ of its genre.
“Assfactor 4 was a hardcore punk band from Columbia, South Carolina formed by two members of Tonka (Jay and Alex) and two members of Unherd (Eric and Kevin). They formed in Fall 1992 and broke up in late 1997. Assfactor 4’s sonic approach drew heavily from San Diego’s early-1990’s group Heroin, but their song structure was notably more akin to 1980’s thrash and hardcore, placing Assfactor 4 in a unique position within the DIY hardcore scene of the era.”

Lotus Fucker – Forever My Fighting Spirit [2012]

1. The Sounds Of Water Flowing Through A Stream
2. Walk On Water, Run In Place
3. Live Life Freely
4. Thread From Heaven
5. Walking Forward Into Tomorrow
6. Wandering, Wondering
7. Clouds In The Morning, Rain At Dusk
8. Psalms Of The Planet
9. Berserk (Being Lost On The Road Of Life)
10. Inner Peace
Lotus Fucker is a four piece band from Whasington/Baltimore that plays an utterly abrasive and caustic style of hardcore punk, dreched in noisy riffs and pummeling breaks.

Greyscale – A Breath of Fresh Air EP [2013]

1.  The Closer You Get to the Light, The Stronger Your Shadow Becomes
2.  Greater Than or Equal To
3.  The Apology
4.  Tears from the Womb
5.  Iron Veins
Greyscale is a five piece band from Memphis with ex-members of Adaje, this is their self release debut ep, five tracks of a mixture of intense screamo/post-hardcore, soon to be released under on Fat Sandwich Records.
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Cloud Rat | Republic Of Dreams – Split 12" [2012]

Cloud Rat
1 Burning Doe
2 Parachute
3 Stench Of Sage
4 Keba
5 Moving Mouths
6 Astronomy
Republic Of Dreams
7 There‘s No Bullshitting Here
8 Your Fahrenheit Is My Celsius
9 An Enlightened Macho Is Still A Macho
10 Franz K. Is (Not) My Bus Driver
11 Dance Tonight, Revolution Every Day
12 Shit Hits The Fan, But I‘m Still Not The Asshole
13 (Your) Banality Is Evil

Great bands for a great split out on Moment Of Collapse. Blogs followers should know these two bands, Republic Of Dreams from Germany features a chaotic and intese screamo, whilst Cloud Rat bring on their aggressive grindcore. Higly Reccomended!