Children Of God – We Set Fire To The Sky [2013]

1. Destroy Belief
2. Awaken
3. Unrelenting Storm
4. Offer
5. to the Sky (I)
6. to the Sky (II)
7. Where Do They Go?
8. Unknown
Children Of God from Orange County, CA, is a brutal band that features members of Graf Orlock and Seven Generations, their style is an abrasive mix of hardcore and sludge, along blackened and tribal parts. This is their actual debut lp on Vendetta Records, needless to say you should give this a listen.

Locktender | Coma Regalia | Oaken | Wounded Knee – Split [2013]

1. The White Dam
Coma Regalia 
2. Won
3. Zugló
Wounded Knee
4. Bath Salts
5. Krokodil
6. Sitting Bull
Four way split, with Locktender and Oaken, that already appeared here, keeping their respective style with long and dark songs, Coma Regalia instead has a more melodic and emotional approach, and last Wounded Knee proposes three tracks less darker, and shorter. Four bands and many labels for a great collaboration, this split is out on Moment Of Collapse, Middle-Man, Antithetic, Itai-Itai, Galt House and Dzsukhell Rekords.
L | CR | O | WK

Nails – Obscene Humanity 7" [2013]

1. Obscene Humanity
2. Confront Them
3. Lies
Nails are fucking back with three re-recorded old songs taken from their first album (called “Obscene Humanity” as well). This 7″ is another true winner. Three tracks of devastating and damn powerful grindy hardcore that will make you mosh until you die. I honestly can’t wait to listen to their new LP (which is out now).

Ruined Families – Blank Language [2013]

1. Only Need Is Real 
2. To New Parents
3. 208
4. Easy Livin’
5. Human Fence
6. Nature’s Worst 
7. Definition In Paradox 
8. Books As Weapons 
9. Pedestal 
Ruined Families is one of the best new act in the european hardcore scene, after their stunning 7″ last year, this March their new record is gonna be released on Adagio830, so here’s the heavy stuff these greek guys manage to write as their debut lp. Highly recommended!

SORDO – Tactical Precision Violence 7" [2012]

1. Hadouken 
2. No HxC Dancing 
3. Forcible Entry
4.Good Guys Go To Hell
5.Drowning Wasp
6. Gumby
7. Swarm
8. Our Nations Finest
9. My Stomach Sticks Out Further Than My Dick
10. Orge Cum – Ladron
11. Killing Time
12. Only Human
13. I Wish I Had Paws
14. No Marco
15. Skull Stomp
16. Failed Experiment
17. Cowabunga
18. Jury Duty Fucking Sucks
19. Lowlife Piece Of Shit
20. If This Song Describes You Then Fuck Off
Holy Shit! This 7″ is killer and you definitely shouldn’t miss it!
It’s one year or so that I read people praising this band… they’ve already put out some tapes (mostly splits) and I’ve already noticed they were cool but with this 7″ they totally get me! This is how power violence should’ve be done! groovy, aggressive and with a huge dose of irony spread all over these 20 killer tracks. Get it or die!