Pleasure Leftists – Elephant Man / Not Over 7" [2013]

1. Elephant Man
2. Not Over
Great follow up from these Cleveland’s post punk lovers. After their great debut 12″, Pleasure Leftists deliver two awesome new wave post punk tunes which will immediately stuck in your head (expecially “Not Over”). Can’t wait for more. 

Embrace – Embrace [1987]

Tracklist :
1. Give Me Back
2. Dance of Days
3. Building
4. Past
5. Spoke
6. Do Not Consider Yourself Free
7. No More Pain
8. I Wish I
9. Said Gun
10. Can’t Forgive
11. Money
12. If I Never Thought About It
13. End of a Year
14. Last Song
Embrace was a short-lived post-hardcore band from Washington, D.C., which lasted from the summer of 1985 to the spring of 1986 and was one of the first bands to be dubbed in the press as emotive hardcore, though the members had rejected the term since its creation. The band included Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat with three former members of his brother Alec’s band The Faith: guitarist Michael Hampton, drummer Ivor Hanson, and bassist Chris Bald. The only recording released by the quartet was their self-titled album Embrace.


Centuries – Broken Hymns [2013]

1. Dead (Creation)
2. Crumble And Fall
3. Night
4. Coward (Extinction)
5. I
6. II
7. III
8. Dredge
9. Broken Hymns
10. Dusk
11. Caeruleus
12. Pessum Ire
13. Gelidus
14. Metus
Centuries hails from West Palm Beach, Florida and recently signed with Southern Lord, and after you’ll listen to this record should be clear that that it wasn’t a bad move. Their music has a powerful and disrupting temper, a heavy darkened hardcore with influences from metal to crust. Broken Hymns collects four new songs, along the tracks from previous releases, Creation/Extinction 7″, split with Homestretch, and split with Patsy O’Hara. Highly recommended!

Nurture – In the Middle of Everything [2013]

1. Eye on the Back of My Hand
2. Branches and Time
3. Mercenary I
4. Mercenary II 
Nurture is a four piece band from Athens, Georgia, their style draws mostly form screamo and post-hardcore, with slower and melodic parts, along harder and raw breaks. This four song ep keeps an intense pace during the listening, while presenting a multifaced songwriting between songs.