Ornaments – Pneumologic [2013]

1. Pulse
2. Breath
3. Aer
4. Galeno
5. Pneuma
6. Spirit
7. L’ora del corpo spaccato
Ornaments is an instrumental post-rock band from Italy, featuring the two guitarist from The Death Of Anna Karina. This is their first full-lenght LP, an intense and dynamic trip into a dark fog fading into light, and then exploding, through a quite different selection of songs ending into a screamed voice in the last song “L’ora del corpo spaccato”. Well-polished sounds and accurate songwriting, make this album a milestone for this new year.

Downfall Of Gaia – s​/​t CD [2013]

1. Prolog 
2. Odium
3. Zerfall
4. Silere
5. Luftschloss
6. Epilog
7. These Wet Feathers…
8. …Won’t Dry On Their Own
After the well acclaimed latest record, Downfall Of Gaia released as digipack on Alerta Antifascista this collection of their previous work, including the longplay Epos and the split with In The Hearts Of Emperors.


Autarch – The Death of Actiacus [2013]

1. A Message 
2. Comarre
3. An Exodus 
4. What Rough Beast
5. From Apollo 
After their interesting ep reviewed last year here’s the debut lp by Autarch, Asheville, NC based crust/harcore band, This five new songs are a less heavier and pummeling than the ep, but mainaining a fierce and strong attitude, along a deeper melodic side, along harsh vocals and blasting d-beat breaks.

Vacanza – Cancello EP [2013]

1. Foresta
2. Venezia
3. Felpa
4. Nuvolari
5. Rombo 
Vacanza is a screamo/emo quartet from Napoli, Italy influenced by band such as Raein and Verme. Castello is their second ep, five songs that shows a maturity by the band since the debut, a sound more defined and bounded to the emo/screamo italian style with emotive and intense melodies, along sad and
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