Pioggia Nera – too dark to punk too punk to dark CDR [2013]

1. Avida Speranza
2. Il Momento
Finally two new tracks from one of the best Italian dark punk bands: Pioggia Nera. Their first LP was a mandatory release for any fan of Nerorgasmo and pissed off dark punk. These two new tracks (available through CDR during their most recent gig) still maintain their dark pissed off approach while showing a more anarcho punk oriented way. Awesome stuff. Can’t wait for more.

Kylesa – Ultraviolet [2013]

01 – exhale
02 – unspoken
03 – grounded
04 – we’re taking this
05 – long gone
06 – what does it take
07 – steady breakdown
08 – low tide
09 – vulture’s landing
10  – quicksand
11 – drifting
Savannah’s neo sludge gods Kylesa are back with another truly masterpeace! It doesn’t matter which direction they decide to go, they always maintain an awesome songwriting. This new album mixes their brutal approach with awesome melodies. Surely one of the very best band in the sludge genre. Totally recommended.

Tongues – Raw Nerves [2013]

1. M.W.G. 
2. Stranglehold
3. Purple 
4. With Love 
5. Circled Eyes 
6. Tongues 
7. Hazed
Tongues is a new awesome local band (Milan / Italy) with members of Rise Above Dead and A Faded Glory. This first release truly kicks ass: 7 slabs of tough hardcore power violence with high dose of energy and anger. Something in between of Integrity and early Ceremony, and A389 Recording’s bands in general. Great new band!

DOMS – demo [2013]

1. Shellshock
2. It Figures
3. Social Hypnosys
4. Who’s It To Blame
4 tracks of hyper speed hardcore influenced grindcore from this power trio (2 guitarists join ex Corporal Raid drummer) from Milan, Italy. Hyper speed blast beats with hellish female vocals. Get it!

To The Point – Shit You Should Have Bought On Vinyl The First Time Around [2013]

01 – reversal of evolution
02 – final words
03 – x’ed 
04 – won’t submit
05 – self restrictions
06 – chinga la migra
07 – pig
08 – waste of life
09 – punching holes in the world
10 – the result
11 – drop the bomb
12 – no friend of bill w
13 – infected
14 – faces of meth
15 – first world problems for a middle
16 – photos of my food
Unrelenting, abrasive, faster than fast top class power violence by members of Spazz, Lack Of Interest, Actuary and Fetus Eaters. This compilation collects some tracks from their “soon to become huge” discography and was made available for free download by sir Chris Dodge in person through his exciting blog (where you will find old recordings and unreleased stuff from all his awesome bands in over two decades of noise). Get it or die!

The Appleseed Cast – Illumination Ritual [2013]

1. adriatic to black sea
2. great lake derelict
3. simple forms
4. cathedral rings
5. 30 degrees 3am
6. branches on the arrow peak revelation 
7. barrier islands (do we remain)
8. north star ordination
9. clearing life
10. illumination ritual
In the early days of this century, The Appleseed Cast impacted the worldwide music scene with their “Low Level Owl Vol. 1” and “Vol. 2” with a great combination of Emo, Post Rock and even Shoegaze / Dream Pop sounds. With this 9th album the Kansas band is back in perfect form delivering us a great album of emoish post rock. “30 Degrees 3AM” is actually one of my most favorite tracks of the year. Enjoy.

Seesaw – Cadere EP [2013]

1. Fase #1: Partire/Qualcuno Prova Ad Andarsene 
2. Fase #2: Orbitare Stanca 
3. Fase #3: 1/32000
4. Fase 4#: Satellite (La Notte Del 24)
5. Fase #5: C’eravamo Quasi 
Seesaw is a four piece band from Milan, Italy, this five song EP is their latest effort released in April, the theme is regarding the UARS satellite which was supposed to crash over Northen Italy last year, but then fallen in Alabama. This tracks shows a growth, since their debut, both in style and songwriting, moving from a chaotic ebullition-style screamo to a deeper, original sound. Higly Reccomended!