Alaric – discography [2009-2012]


s/t 7″ (2009)
s/t LP (2011)
split LP w/Atriarch (2012)

Unfortunately Alaric called it quits. And it’s a great shame ’cause this international combo was one of the very best in all the post punk renaissance that embraced the do it yourself punk scene during these recent years. Without being a mere clone of the usual bands of the Eighties, their sound was obscure and dramatic like the atmosphere of a desolate industrial city landscape. An unique band that we all sorely miss and let me tell you that their song “Weep” (from their split LP w/ Atriarch) is the one I wish to be played at my funeral party. Based in Oakland this is actually an international all stars band with members who played and/or play in such great bands as: Noothgrush, Crossed Stitched Eyes, UK Subs, Dead & Gone, Enemies & Drain The Sky).

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Black Sheep Wall – It Begins Again [2013]

a3871364735_10 Tracklist:
1. Ancient Fvck
2. Provider
3. Angelic Exorcism

New three song ep by Black Sheep Wall from Moorpark, CA, their style is a brutal and heavy mixture of sludge/metal/doom, along an aggressive and disrupting pace.


Infest – Days Turn Black 7″ [2013] + Discography [1987-2002]


1 – Days Turn Black
2 – You’re Shot
3 – Controlled Violence
4 – Why Be Something That You Are Not (Negative Approach)

Today we celebrate you undisputed kings of fastcore power violence. If you don’t love Infest you don’t love hardcore. Enough said. They’re back together and judging from all the live gigs you can find on the tube, they still fucken rips like no other! And as the best possible come back they pressed a new one sided 7″ with 4 unreleased tracks from 18 years ago: 3 original and a Negative Approach cover. Plus as a bonus we give you their complete discography compiled by some good fellas of the web…

Download: Days Turn Black
Download: discography part 1
Download: discography part 2

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Violent Reaction – City Streets LP [2013]

1 – Riot
2 – Own Worst Enemy
3 – City Streets
4- Use & Abuse
5 – Left For Dead
6 – VxR Stomp
7 – Violent Reaction
8 – Judgement Day
9 – Stomped Out
10 – Burn
11 – No Control
12 – Vultures

One man army Tom Pimlott arrives direct from Liverpool, England with an lp that splits the difference between early 80s US and UK hardcore with the kind of seamlessness and taste that escapes most bands. Whereas the original X-Claim crew took the British Hardcore of the day and twisted it to fit their post Minor Threat, townie world view, Violent Reaction takes the X-Claim sound and injects a tasteful dash of 1982-style British Hardcore. This might be the best record of this style to come from the UK since the first Voorhees lp.


Fuck! (It’s Pronounced Shit!) – I Know It’s Pronounced “SHIT​!​” Still I Cling​.​.​. [2012]

fuck it's pronounced shit

1. My Therapist Looks Like A Wizard
2. You’ve Not Lived Until You’ve Almost Died, Baby
3. My Attitude May Stink But I Smell Fuckin’ Amazing
4. It’s Not The Size Of Your Penis That Matters, It’s How Big It Is
5. In A Parallel Universe I Have A Highly Paid Job, A Beautiful Wife And Two Very Well Behaved Children
6. All Ya’ll Otha Sleepwalkers Ain’t Got Nuthin’ On Me
7. Wanking Is Still Honest

This is a punk rock band from Edinburgh, with members of Murderburgers, they play short simple songs (one minute average) of  a mix of punk rock and melodic hc, with great, funny and bitter lyrics.
A friend of mine would say this is a summer soundtrack band, enjoy