Celeste – Animale(s) [2013]

1. Laissé pour compte comme un bâtard
2. Au pied d’une bicoque peu séduisante
3. Sans crainte de s’avouer un jour naufragée
4. (X)
5. Tes âmes soeurs immaculées
6. Dans ta salive, sur sa peau
7. D’errances en inimitiés
8. Cette silhouette paumée et délabrée qui sanglote et meurt
9. Empreinte d’érotisme
10. (Y)
11. Serrés comme son coeur lacéré
12. Outro

After three years from the last release, here’s the new lp by the black metal/post-hc band from France, out on Denovali.


ELIZABETH – Insomnia 7″ [2013]

1. Ravens
2. Danger
3. Created Enemies
4. Cemetary Feeling

“Switzerland’s very own ELIZABETH return with new EP “Insomnia”; four new tracks of hardcore/crust/whatever showing their ability to write neckbreaking hymns and intended to be played at full volume. An intense barrage of manic drumming, chainsaw-tone guitars, and these trademark raspy screams that come from nowhere : on this EP the band goes one step further into heaviness without sacrifying dynamics. After the recent release of an LP documenting all their previous body of work,”Insomnia” is a brutal foretaste of all things to come for ELIZABETH.”