Dropdead – 5 new tracks! [2013]


Dropdead tracks from:
split 7″ w/ Systematic Death
split 7″ w/ Ruidosa Inmunicia
what could be – EP

Five new tracks for one of the very best in nineties fastcore. They’re back. Live they are better now than before and these vinyls show you that they can still kick your ass even in the studio. Recorded some time ago and mixed by Kurt Ballou (Converge). Mandatory.

Armageddon Label Records


Komplott – sei vivo, sei morto, a nessuno importa [2013]


1 – non esistenza
2 – logiche del potere
3 – casa lavoro cimitero
4 – disinteresse
5 – oppressione
6 – sempre il falso

Komplott is a d-beat monger hailing from Italy with members of Holy, Giuda and Horror Vacui. Great Stuff!

Agipunk Records

Last Words – s/t LP [2013]


1 – worth nothing
2 – FL
3 – dark idea
4 – human trainwreck
5 – trash and dirt
6 – never adjust
7 – close on my heels
8 – skin
9 – forced opinions
10 – last words

To Live A Lie Records never fails a release and this one is a great slab of furious female fronted pissed off crusty hardcore with ex members of the almighty Stripmines!!! Top notch stuff!

Last Words
To Live A Lie Records

Conquest For Death – many nations, one underground [2013]


1 – el nuevo alarma!
2 – hell in a very small place
3 – iron rations
4 – life as a flashback
5 – and the warlords (fast)
6 – locked in
7 – anywhere, everywhere
8 – many nations, one underground
9 – unceremonious graduation
10 – where the city ceases… the fear begins
12 – and the warlords (slow)
13 – accursed battalions
14 – when the light at the end of the tunnel goes out
15 – positiewe houding, negatiewe wereld
16 – レッツゴー!! ライダーキック 「仮面ライダー」

Conquest For Death is an institution in the do it yourself punk hardcore community. Not only their line up is comprised of some great fellas active from decades in the scene (the list of ex bands will be too long, check discogs or their website for more details), they also carried the flag of their diy positive hardcore in every corner of the world going where nobody else ever played before. A true genuine dedicated band like few others in the world… And finally they released a new LP!

Conquest For Death

OvO – abisso [2013]


1 – harmonia microcosmica
2 – tokoloshi
3 – i cannibali
4 – a dream within a dream
5 – aeneis
6 – harmonia macrocosmica
7 – abisso
8 – pandemonio
9 – ab uno
10 – fly little demon
11 – fame

Stefania and Bruno finally made a record which tops their devastating live performances. With a great recordings and production “Abisso” showcase the power and originality of this experimental noisy innovators. Get it if you’re into The Body, Gnaw etc etc.

Supernatural Cat

Pillage – s/t demo tape [2013]


1 – intro
2 – dark road
3 – their world
4 – head in the sand
5 – one day
6 – trickle down
7 – alone
8 – bleeding inside
9 – starvation
10 – indoctrination

Power violence to the bones. Fuckin awesome debut demo for a band comprised of ex and actual members of Crudos, Charles Bronson, Ruination, Herds, Punch In The Face, Sick/Tired, MK Ultra and Loser Life! You know you want it…

To Live A Lie Records