To The Point / Pick Your Side – split 10″ [2014]

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What a killer release. If you don’t know To The Point yet, you’re wrong. Hyper speedin’ blasting power violence with members of Spazz, Lack Of Interest, Fetus Eaters, Actuary etc. Pick Your Side is another new ripping band with old fellas involving most notably some Haymaker personnel. And this Canadian band rips as much as Haymaker did (and still do, check out their new 7″). Crust tinged hardcore anger with one of the most aggressive and politically inspired vocalist ever.

Pick Your Side
To The Point
Deep Six Records


Violent Reaction – dead end 7″ [2014]


We’ve seen them live and we know they rip. But we should better say: we know he rips! U.K. most impressive hardcore one man band  is back with a new killer 7″. Tom P recorded everything (vox, bass, guitars and drums) and everything is killer there. (Live he got a full band with him). Great songwriting and killer tracks and execution. One of the greatest.

Violent Reaction
Painkiller Records