Water Torture – pillbox LP [2014]


Buffalo’s power violence powerhouse unleashes his first LP after a shitload of EPs and splits. Gorgeous.

Water Torture
Nerve Altar Records


Gas Chamber ‎– Hemorrhaging Light LP [2014]


From their biography: “Gas Chamber is a Buffalo, NY (USA) based hardcore punk band formed in 2007. Our music is a nod to various traditions including but not limited to 1980’s UK/European hardcore, brute force hardcore, progressive music and ambient electronics, and we believe in a song-writing paradigm, not a genre-specific one.” And yes… is that good! One of the best releases of the year.
Gas Chamber
Iron Lung Records – site
Iron Lung Records – store

The Afternoon Gentlemen – grind in the mind 7″ [2014]


The Afternoon Gentlemen is actually one of my most favorite grindcore power violence band around. Mixing equal parts of Spazz and Insect Warfare all their releases are always a storm. Here’s their new self released 300 ltd 7″ issued last month (buy it while you can). Their first studio LP should be out this year on Bones Brigade Records and Dead Heroes Records. We’re all damn excited about it. Grind!
The Afternoon Gentlemen – bandcamp
The Afternoon Gentlemen – store