Sundowner – Neon Fiction [2013]


1. Cemetery West
2. My Beautiful Ruins
3. Concrete Shoes
4. We Drift Eternal
5. Grey on Grey
6. Life in the Embers
7. Origins
8. Paper Rose City
9. Poet of Trash
10. Wildfires

New album by Sundowner, better know as Chris McCaughan, guitar/vocals of The Lawrence Arms.
This is his third solo album and unlike the previouses this is more a “complete band” record, giving less space to only acoustic guitar/voice songs, though his songwriting remains the same: deep, poetic and fascinating.



The Human Fly – Everything Feels Bad All At Once [2012]

1. plague
2. tiger
3. moth
4. the fine line
5. severed hed
6. lungs 
7. you reminded me of martha
8. bridge
9. connecticut one
10. toxic levels of unspecified heavy metals
11. primitive ways
12. marlboro man 
13. ADHD 
14. something that doesn’t exist anymore 
15. connecticut two 
16. walpurgisnacht 
Coming as a request, The Human Fly is a dark folk project from Connecticut/Virginia, Everything Feels Bad All At Once is the first full-length, self-recorded, containing a sorrowful and gloomy atmosphere that pervades every track, along introspective lyrics and sad vocals. Higly Reccomended!

Talvihorros – Some Ambulance [2012]

1. Handwriting (Part I)
2. Etude IV
3. The Blue Cathedral
4. Death of a Dream
5. Etude III
6. Rusak
7. A Rural Place0
8. Handwriting (Part II)
Talvihorros is Ben Chatwin, a guitarist composer that has recently beem reissued by Denovali. His style encapsulate acoustic and ambient sound, rehashed by syntetizers and electronic sound, crafting hollow and intense soundscapes.

Tim Barry – 40 Miler [2012]

1. Intro
2. Wezeltown
3. Driver Pull
4. 40 Miler
5. Adele and Hell
6. Shed Song
7. Bankers Dilemma
8. Train Improv
9. Hobo Lullaby
10. T. Beene
11. Fine Foods Market
12. Amen
13. Outro
We already talked about Tim Barry, and this is his new record, “If this record is uplifting compared to my old ones it’s because I feel stronger from all the beat-downs and shit I’ve taken in the past” says Tim.
40 Miler is a little bit different from the past records, here the country/folk sound is a bit stronger as in the song Adele and Hell, and he added more instruments as electric guitar, piano, harmonica and organ, but you can also still find those slower, sweeter, sad and atmospheric songs as Driver Pull.

Pygmy Lush – Old Friends [2011]

1. Yellow Hall
2. Chance
3. Good Dirt
4. In A Well
5. Night At The Johnstown Flood
6. I’ll Wait With You
7. Penny On My Deathbed
8. A Weird Glow
9. Admit
10. Old Friends
11. January Song
12. Pals 
While listening to the discography of Pygmy Lush, you can see how music is subjected at evolving, after completely lost the screamo influences in the previous Mount Hope this record reach a different point in searching of sounds and melodies, and as always the final result is an hypnotic weave of harmonies and emotions.

Waxahatchee – American Weekend [2012]

1. Catfish
2. Grass Stain
3. Rose, 1956
4. American Weekend
5. Michel
6. Be Good
7. Luminary Blake
8. Magic City Wholesale
9. Bathtube
10. I Think I Love You
11. Noccalula
This is probably not the cup of tea for most of you; Waxahatchee is Katie Crutchfield from the indie-pop-punk band PS Eliot, and this is her solo project and first album.
Acoustic simple songs written with about 4 chords that doesn’t sound boring, lo-fi quality recording that mainly emphasize her amazing voice and a really good songwriting.