Seesaw – Cadere EP [2013]

1. Fase #1: Partire/Qualcuno Prova Ad Andarsene 
2. Fase #2: Orbitare Stanca 
3. Fase #3: 1/32000
4. Fase 4#: Satellite (La Notte Del 24)
5. Fase #5: C’eravamo Quasi 
Seesaw is a four piece band from Milan, Italy, this five song EP is their latest effort released in April, the theme is regarding the UARS satellite which was supposed to crash over Northen Italy last year, but then fallen in Alabama. This tracks shows a growth, since their debut, both in style and songwriting, moving from a chaotic ebullition-style screamo to a deeper, original sound. Higly Reccomended!

Children Of God – Coup De Grace [2011]

1. Sheep, Meet Blade
2. Evader
3. 31 Seconds Of Blind Rage
4. You Will Suffer
5. While You Sleep At Night
After their astonishing recent lp, with their first 7″ Children Of God presented their raging, pissed off hardcore, a chaotic style influenced by multiple genres, from sludge to power violence, and a dark, bourdensome personality that make this release a precious piece of furious hardcore.

Recreant – s/t LP [2012]

1. I – Rick Scott Is An Evil Robot
2. II – For All The Grief You’ve Caused Us You Should Of Slit Our Throats
3. III – Galatians 5:14
4. IV 
5. V – Burn (The United States’ Economic and Academic Systems Are Systems Of Elitism, Corruption, and Falsehood)
6. VI – After The Apple
7. VII
8. VIII – Modern Day F Word
Recreant is a four piece band from Florida, they tag themselves as swampcore, dunno much why but the use of a violin, along influences from hardcore, crust, post-metal, emoviolence, makes their sound somewhere between originality and craziness, and i love the smooth bass lines encroaching upon the chaotic and pummeling parts.

Swing Kids – Discography [2003]

Tracklist :
1. El Camino Car Crash
2. Line 1
3. Blue Note
4. Clean Shade of Dirty
5. Warsaw
6. Disease
7. Situation on Mars
8. Forty Three Seconds
9. Intro to Photography
“Swing Kids formed in the mid 90’s out of a mix of obscure punk, hardcore, and geographical specific social politics. The band drew inspiration from legitimate jazz and swing era ethics, creating a strand of genre defying music. The band was short lived, documenting their entire existence in a handful of songs over a couple of years. After a few short tours and a jaunt over to Europe, the band called it quits due to drummer Jose Palafox relocating to the Bay Area. Swing Kids did manage to track one last song, “El Camino Car Crash” which is the additional track on the obvious digital follow up of the band’s entire collection, simply titled “Discography”. Over the years, this nine-song collection would become a staple for the Three One G community. The band did their few last shows recruiting Jimmy Lavalle who was part of notable acts such as The Locust, The Crimson Curse, The Black Heart Procession, Gogogo Airheart, and Album Leaf, to play second guitar. Then the unexpected happened; guitarist and founding member of Swing Kids and Unbroken took his own life. Over a decade later Eric still lives on in his music and the final chapter of the band was written, as the remaining members had the opportunity to play two benefit shows in Southern California raising thousands of dollars for charity. The shows or funerals, as the band members looked at it, displayed that the bands spirit will live on, and showcased the evolution of the remaining members musicianship. The documentation of this final chapter was a self-titled 7” single featuring an updated version of “Situation on Mars” as well as a new track titled, “Fake Teeth”. Jose Palafox went on to play in notable acts such as Tit Wrench, Bread and Circuits, Yaphet Kotto, and Baader Brains. Bassist John Brady went on to play in Chicago’s Sweep The Leg Johnny. Lastly, vocalist Justin Pearson went on to play in acts such as The Locust, All Leather, Some Girls, Holy Molar, Crimson Curse, Head Wound City, and Ground Unicorn Horn.”

Kapytaen – Kapytaen [2013]

1. Enkonduko 
2. Sagart T Suas 
3. Para Nada
4. Sobredosis Gris
5. Povera
6. Interlude
7. Bonos Annos
8. Renuntiatio
9. Melu
10. Haista Vittu 
Kapytaen is a newly formed band from Germany, this fifteen minutes tape is a mixture of genres and styles, resulting into a darkened blend of hardcore, sludge, powerviolence and black metal, with songs that hardly overcome a minute lenght, and a claustrofobic and chaotic atmosphere. Higly Reccomended! 
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