Nouns – Still Bummer LP [2013]


01 – Dogs
02 – Still Bummed
03 – School Bus
04 – Conch
05 – Yaw
06 – Dumped
07 – Way
08 – You’re Not The One I Want
09 – The Graduate
10 – Great Big Fuck And How I’m Coping With It

Summer hits for punks! This band got it’s style and it’s great to listen to a band who got the ability of doing so many different songs still sounding like themselves. Nouns’ sound takes elements from punk, shoegaze, dream pop, indie, post punk, grunge and whetever … At times they deliver us some fresh disillusioned pop and at times they are more intimate and ethereal but, seriously, you always get energy and satisfaction from them. Such a great listen.

Funeral Sounds Records