Nouns – still [2014]


Nouns is great. Nouns is brilliant. Nouns is fun. Nouns is genious. Nouns will make your day sound better… and your night too. And if you can’t have enough of this record, don’t forget to get their debut release right here.
Funeral Sounds
Broken World Media
Known Pleasure Records


Castevet – Summer Fences [2009]

1. Between Berwyn and Bryn Mawr
2. Beating High Schoolers At Arcade Games
3. Plays One On TV
4. I Know What A Lion Is
5. Stranger, You Know
6. Space Jam: The Return
7. Evil Robots With Swords For Hands
8. When A Movie Is Made In France, It’s Called Cinemas

This band From Chicago, IL has been a hit in my charts in these days.  When it comes to talk about their influences, determining them is quite easy, bands such as American Football/Cap’n Jazz and lots of 90’s midwest emo bands should totally be listed in. They took what they learnt about melodies and blended them with post-ish elements and the result doesn’t sound boring, not at all.



Brighter Arrows – Dreamliner [2013]

1. Every Hour, Every Day
2. The Occupation
3. Visitation
4. Vangelis China
5. Noshow Me
6. Half Memory
7. Splendor Beyond Compare
8. Submission
9. Dreamliner

So, I’ve been out a while and a lot of new music came out, Brighter Arrows new record is a great leap forward for the band, still a mixture of noise, punk and post-hardcore with subtle melodies and harsh breaks but with a darker, deeper atmosphere that fits pretty well.  Highly Reccomended!


Crash Of Rhinos – Knots [2013]


1. Luck Has A Name
2. Opener
3. Everything Is
4. Interiors
5. Sum Of All Parts
6.The Reason I Took So Long
7. Impasses
8. Mannheim
9. Standards & Practice
10. Lean Out
11. Speeds Of Ocean Greyhounds

After two years from the previous Distal, here’s the new work by the english band that managed to keep up a great 90′ emo sound with engaging and thrilling dynamics.



Trachimbrod | Sore Eyelids – Split [2013]

1. I am Jack’s Wasted Life
2. Erect, Eyes Closed
Sore Eyelids 
3. Next To Nothing
4. Dissolve
Great split between two bands from Stockholm, Sweden, the screamo/emo band Trachimbrod and a the shoegazer/emo band Sore Eyelids featuring members of Suis La Lune, Mixtapes and Cellmates, New Decade, Years Passing. Higly recommended!

The Appleseed Cast – Illumination Ritual [2013]

1. adriatic to black sea
2. great lake derelict
3. simple forms
4. cathedral rings
5. 30 degrees 3am
6. branches on the arrow peak revelation 
7. barrier islands (do we remain)
8. north star ordination
9. clearing life
10. illumination ritual
In the early days of this century, The Appleseed Cast impacted the worldwide music scene with their “Low Level Owl Vol. 1” and “Vol. 2” with a great combination of Emo, Post Rock and even Shoegaze / Dream Pop sounds. With this 9th album the Kansas band is back in perfect form delivering us a great album of emoish post rock. “30 Degrees 3AM” is actually one of my most favorite tracks of the year. Enjoy.