Wreck And Reference – want LP [2014]

12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}

No bass, no guitars but just samples, drums, voice, anguish and despair. Wreck And Reference continue following their experimental path, innovating post-metal music boundaries. Truly recommended.
Wreck And Reference
The Flenser Records


OvO – abisso [2013]


1 – harmonia microcosmica
2 – tokoloshi
3 – i cannibali
4 – a dream within a dream
5 – aeneis
6 – harmonia macrocosmica
7 – abisso
8 – pandemonio
9 – ab uno
10 – fly little demon
11 – fame

Stefania and Bruno finally made a record which tops their devastating live performances. With a great recordings and production “Abisso” showcase the power and originality of this experimental noisy innovators. Get it if you’re into The Body, Gnaw etc etc.

Supernatural Cat

Year Of No Light – tocsin LP [2013]

Year Of No Light

1 – tocsin
2 – géhenne
3 – désolation
4 – stella rectrix
5 – alamut

French avantgarde post metal godz return with another chef d’oeuvre

Year Of No Light
Debeur Morti Records


Fires of Mammon – The Sound of War in Heaven [2013]

1. Part I
2. Part II
3. Part III
4. Part IV
Fires of Mammon is a band from Toronto with memebers of Titan, their style has something experimental and jazzish while keeping a heavy doom/sludge soundscape.
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Ornaments – Pneumologic [2013]

1. Pulse
2. Breath
3. Aer
4. Galeno
5. Pneuma
6. Spirit
7. L’ora del corpo spaccato
Ornaments is an instrumental post-rock band from Italy, featuring the two guitarist from The Death Of Anna Karina. This is their first full-lenght LP, an intense and dynamic trip into a dark fog fading into light, and then exploding, through a quite different selection of songs ending into a screamed voice in the last song “L’ora del corpo spaccato”. Well-polished sounds and accurate songwriting, make this album a milestone for this new year.

Child Brides – Child Brides [2013]

1. Elite Downpour
2. Chained 
3. There Was Nothing
4. False Options
5. Prisoner of The White Lord
6. Hated
7. Pleasure & Pain
This is the debut tape by Child Brides, coming from Los Angeles, CA. They play a doom experimental metal mixed with industrial and noise using electronic synth and distorted vocals.
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