The Cosmic Dead – Psychonaut [2011]

1. Lavinia (Mother ov Mystery)
2. The Spaceman
3. Eyes in The Mountains
4. Inner Circle
5. Adimite Obscuritatem
6. Serpent Coils The Earth
7. Astral Curvature
8. Psych Ashtray Aktion Mother
9. Fool & The Five of Swords
10. Psych Ashtray Aktion Mother II 
 The Cosmic Dead is a psychedelic/stoner quartet from Glasgow, UK, their music is a voyage into ambiguous shapes and tripping sounds. Psychonaut is a collection of early jams / rehearsal room recordings & various other ditties (Dating from circa Feb 2010 to Dec 2010).

Ornaments – Pneumologic [2013]

1. Pulse
2. Breath
3. Aer
4. Galeno
5. Pneuma
6. Spirit
7. L’ora del corpo spaccato
Ornaments is an instrumental post-rock band from Italy, featuring the two guitarist from The Death Of Anna Karina. This is their first full-lenght LP, an intense and dynamic trip into a dark fog fading into light, and then exploding, through a quite different selection of songs ending into a screamed voice in the last song “L’ora del corpo spaccato”. Well-polished sounds and accurate songwriting, make this album a milestone for this new year.

Michel Anoia – Michel Anoia [2013]

1. Michel Anoia
Michel Anoia is a power trio augmented by two enslaved draftsmen, born in Lyon in 2012. The project’s key idea is a research on combining and synergising visuals and sounds in all the direction. The first project began with a 30 minute non-stop live set composed by the three musicians in which freaky animated images were projected on the band.
Being a visual project it’s hard to fully appreciate this work, still, if you’re into fast technical metal,  grindcore and rhythms resembling that of The (early) Dillinger Plan Escape, you should give a listen.
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Saffronkeira – Tourette [2013]

1. First Steps 
2. 1859-1904 
3. Motion 
4. Fragile 
5. Obsessive Compulsive 
6. Insensible Crash 
7. The Disease 
8. The Hope 
SaffronKeira is a project established in 2008 by Eugenio Caria from the island of Sardinia, Italy. With SaffronKeira, Eugenio Caria lives out his passion of being a researcher of the possibility of expression offered by currently available technology. Indeed, in his tracks he experiments a lot with electronics and unconventional elements, which sometimes seem meaningless at first sight, but uncover their significance only on a closer examination. Combining subtle and sometimes even almost invisible rhythms with textures of sound he confidently moves between minimalistic pieces and classic ambient tracks which should please both the analytic ears and the listeners who just want to dive into the music.