Bastard Noise / Lack Of Interest – split LP [2013]


Do you really need a review for this? Two of the undisputed best power violence godfathers battle themselves delivering some of their greatest stuff to date. Bastard Noise adds a supreme artwork variation on their worldwide famous skull logo. What the fuck… get it!!!

Deep Six Records
Bastard Noise


To The Point – Shit You Should Have Bought On Vinyl The First Time Around [2013]

01 – reversal of evolution
02 – final words
03 – x’ed 
04 – won’t submit
05 – self restrictions
06 – chinga la migra
07 – pig
08 – waste of life
09 – punching holes in the world
10 – the result
11 – drop the bomb
12 – no friend of bill w
13 – infected
14 – faces of meth
15 – first world problems for a middle
16 – photos of my food
Unrelenting, abrasive, faster than fast top class power violence by members of Spazz, Lack Of Interest, Actuary and Fetus Eaters. This compilation collects some tracks from their “soon to become huge” discography and was made available for free download by sir Chris Dodge in person through his exciting blog (where you will find old recordings and unreleased stuff from all his awesome bands in over two decades of noise). Get it or die!

Spazz | Lack Of Interest – Double Whammy [1997]

1. Satan’s Scrilla
2. Socal Battle Royale
3. Gilman 90210
4. Short Songs
5. Doomriden’
6. Hey Bob, What’s Up?
Lack Of Interest
7. Mislead and Deranged
8. Rotgut
9. Family Massacre
10. Plastic Armor
11. Writing on the Wall
12. No More/Don’t Tell Me
13. Spazz Live
14. Lack of Interest Live
Here’s a foundamental powerviolence split, with two of the most influent band of the genre. Pressed in 1997 on vinyl and repressed as cd in 2000, you’d be lucky to have one.