OvO – abisso [2013]


1 – harmonia microcosmica
2 – tokoloshi
3 – i cannibali
4 – a dream within a dream
5 – aeneis
6 – harmonia macrocosmica
7 – abisso
8 – pandemonio
9 – ab uno
10 – fly little demon
11 – fame

Stefania and Bruno finally made a record which tops their devastating live performances. With a great recordings and production “Abisso” showcase the power and originality of this experimental noisy innovators. Get it if you’re into The Body, Gnaw etc etc.

Supernatural Cat


Crash Of Rhinos – Knots [2013]


1. Luck Has A Name
2. Opener
3. Everything Is
4. Interiors
5. Sum Of All Parts
6.The Reason I Took So Long
7. Impasses
8. Mannheim
9. Standards & Practice
10. Lean Out
11. Speeds Of Ocean Greyhounds

After two years from the previous Distal, here’s the new work by the english band that managed to keep up a great 90′ emo sound with engaging and thrilling dynamics.



Pilgrimage – EP [2013]

1. Ra88
2. Police, Don’t Shoot Me
3. Dormant Genius 
4. Self Taught
5. Sweat Equity
Pilgrimage is a four piece band from Florida that mixes in a great way post-rock, math-rock and post-hardcore. Their songs combine the softness of post-mathy sounds and the energetic and dynamic rock attitude, sometimes emphatized by vocals. Higly Recommended!


Zeus! – Opera [2013]

1. Lucy In The Sky With King Diamond
2. Sick And Destroy
3. Decomposition N.!!!
4. Set Panzer To Rock
5. Beelzebulb
6. La Morte Young
7. Giorgio Gaslini Is Our Tom Araya
8. Bach To The Future
9. Eroica
10. Grey Cerebration
11. Blast But Not Liszt
Debut record on Three One G, by this Italian duo (bass/drums), sick and dynamic songwriting combined with utter crazy riffs, ther’s also a collaboration with Justin Pearson (The Locust, owner of the label). Technical and astonishing, don’t miss this.


An Aesthetic Anaesthetic – Names [2012]

1. Billy Rape Cyrus
2. Girth Brooks
3. Arkansenio Hall
4. Randy Quaidludes 
An Aesthetic Anaesthetic is a four piece instrumental post-rock band from Chicago, IL.
It’s hard to define a clear music influence, since this four songs are a mixture of styles and sounds, but their music draws deep from punk, maintaing a mathy structure and combining heavier sounds, such crafting powerful and solid riffs, supported by frantic drums. The production of the record, given to Sanford Parker (Pelican), just adds more emphasis and higlight their songwriting ability. Higly Recommended!
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