Wreck And Reference – want LP [2014]

12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}

No bass, no guitars but just samples, drums, voice, anguish and despair. Wreck And Reference continue following their experimental path, innovating post-metal music boundaries. Truly recommended.
Wreck And Reference
The Flenser Records


Gas Chamber ‎– Hemorrhaging Light LP [2014]


From their biography: “Gas Chamber is a Buffalo, NY (USA) based hardcore punk band formed in 2007. Our music is a nod to various traditions including but not limited to 1980’s UK/European hardcore, brute force hardcore, progressive music and ambient electronics, and we believe in a song-writing paradigm, not a genre-specific one.” And yes… is that good! One of the best releases of the year.
Gas Chamber
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Celeste – Animale(s) [2013]

1. Laissé pour compte comme un bâtard
2. Au pied d’une bicoque peu séduisante
3. Sans crainte de s’avouer un jour naufragée
4. (X)
5. Tes âmes soeurs immaculées
6. Dans ta salive, sur sa peau
7. D’errances en inimitiés
8. Cette silhouette paumée et délabrée qui sanglote et meurt
9. Empreinte d’érotisme
10. (Y)
11. Serrés comme son coeur lacéré
12. Outro

After three years from the last release, here’s the new lp by the black metal/post-hc band from France, out on Denovali.


Systems – Ghost Medicine [2011]


1. I. Procession
2. II. Healing Tides
3. III. Witch Ritual
4. IV. Burial
5. V. Ghost Medicine (tetradymia canescens)
6. VI. Datura Hallowing
7. VII. Visionary
8. VIII. Unveiled By The Fal

I just found out about Systems 30 mins ago on Circle Takes The Square’s facebook page.
The band comes from North Carolina and plays an original mixture of metal and post-hardcore, go check them out.