Total Control – typical system LP [2014]


Iron Lung Records is quickly becoming one of the best labels out there. With musically different releases all united by the same good taste that the guys behind the great Iron Lung (band) have. This is the second album of Melbourne’s (Australia) Total Control, an awesome post punk release.

Total Control
Iron Lung Records


Instinct Of Survival – Call Of The Blue Distance LP [2014]


Hamburg’s Intinct Of Survival is a snake that constantly changes his skin. Started crusty grind they then evolved in a supreme stenchcore monster, now they changed again. This time they came back in a new post punk form which reminds me Antisect, Killing Joke and Amebix mixed together. A damn great band. Recommended.

Instinct Of Survival
Colturshock Records

Nouns – Still Bummer LP [2013]


01 – Dogs
02 – Still Bummed
03 – School Bus
04 – Conch
05 – Yaw
06 – Dumped
07 – Way
08 – You’re Not The One I Want
09 – The Graduate
10 – Great Big Fuck And How I’m Coping With It

Summer hits for punks! This band got it’s style and it’s great to listen to a band who got the ability of doing so many different songs still sounding like themselves. Nouns’ sound takes elements from punk, shoegaze, dream pop, indie, post punk, grunge and whetever … At times they deliver us some fresh disillusioned pop and at times they are more intimate and ethereal but, seriously, you always get energy and satisfaction from them. Such a great listen.

Funeral Sounds Records