Sleeping People – Noturf [2012]

1. Klinik
2. Polizei
Well, we didn’t expect this! After a 3-year hiatus following what we assumed was their swan song — the sprawling double-album, Growing — San Diego’s Sleeping People return with this hypnotic fever-dream of a 12″. Following the departure of guitarist Amber Coffman (who left to pursue her other group, The Dirty Projectors, full-time), Sleeping People’s core group — guitarist Kasey Boekholt, bassist Kenseth Thibideau, and drummer Brandon Relf — reunited with original guitarist, the nimble-fingered Joileah Thalmann. The Sleeping People trademarks are all here: angular, dissonant riffs, mind-bending counterpoint guitar interplay, and grooving, stop/start dynamics. The major evolution here is the hefty amount of patience and primal repetition; each song unfolds over many minutes, revealing something new with repeated listens.

Keelhaul – Keelhaul’s Triumphant Return to Obscurity [2009]

1. Pass the Lampshade
2. Glorious Car Activities
3. Everythings a Napkin
4. High Seas Viking Eulogy
5. THC For One
6. The Subtle Sound of an Empty Milkshake
7. El Matador
8. Kirby Wurm
9. Bandolero de Perros de Maiz
10. Waiting for the Moon to Speak
11. Bradys Lament
12. KFB
C’mon, Keelhaul are the fucking king, merging mathrock with sludge metal is already a great idea, mostly if supported by great musicians and with great abilites in songwriting. Being instrumental the talent of Keelhaul is keeping constantly active the interest, so during the whole listening you’re not bored, but thrown in heavy and frenetic riffs. Active since 1998 this Cleveland based band gathered lots of experience, shown in this latest record, solid and stately.