Sick/Tired – King of Dirt [2013]

1. Black Veins
2. Corrosive Outburst/Anointed
3. Throwing Trash
4. High Times Subscribers
5. From Parts Unknown
6. Trapped
7. Blood Water
8. Rabid Dogs (**Corrosion of Conformity)
9. Violent Downfall
10. Failed Delusions
11. The Goon
12. Who Cares?
13. Cracked Dome
14. Gummo Grindin’
15. King of Dirt

Sick/Tired is a four piece powerviolence band from Chicago, their style is a blasting mixture of grindcore and trashy riffs along blasting drums, featuring members of Weekend Nachos and MK-Ultra. You shouldn’t miss this..




Das Oath – Self Titled 11" [2006]

1. Reliquary
2. Scrapped
3. The Twinkle in an Eye About to be Blackened
4. Tropical Malady
5. The Terror, the Delight, and the Unendurable Pointlessness of Trying
6. Years of Veneers
7. All the Songs Have Been Sung

Half-American, half-Dutch, with the singer of Charles Bronson, Das Oath was one hell of a band, pursuing a personal view of punk, blended with trash and powerviolence, this was their last release, seven songs for eleven minutes.

SARG – Split Tape with Van Der Lubbe [2013]

1. Sylt, Population 20,851
2. Spirited Away
3. Ekranoplan
Three new songs by SARG, if you miss them appearing on the top 2012 it’s a good time to check them out, although the quality of recording is so much better in their previous ep.

Thought Crime – Thought Crime [2012]

1. Failure
2. Tread Lightly
3. Sick Of It
4. Slampiece
5. Cop Song
6. Replica
Thought Crime is an hardcore band from Oklahoma that plays a pissed and furious mixture of punk, hardcore and trash, this new ep is a punch in your face from the first few riffs till the last note.
[Band Request]

Cülo – Life is Vile…And So Are We [2011]

1. Brain Cavity
2. Wasted On Wine
3. Neighborhood Watch
4. Death Culture
5. Toxic Vision
6. I Don’t Like Today
7. Shootin’ Glue
8. Military Trend
9. Don’t Care Part II
10. Nuke Abuse
11. Shock Troops
12. Life’s A Drag
13. Bad Head
14. No Drive
15. Kill The Pain
16. I’m A Mutant
17. Suburban Vermin
18. Black Livers
19. Make Me Straight
20. Padded Hell
21. Solanum Suicide
22. Human Progress
23. U.T.B.
24. I Used To Be The Shit
25. Human Wreck
Cülo from Chicago delivers one of the fastest and most furious hardcore/trash/punk nowdays, this is a compilation of 3 7″ (Toxic Vision, Military Trend and Nuke Abuse).
You can see down that even plants, chairs and pillows like to mosh with Cülo.

Sarg – Slow Revenge 7" [2012]

1. Holy Night
2. Worse
3. Quiet Limbs
4. Antidote
5. Trophy Teeth
6. Vomit Hope
Sarg is a German trash/hardcore band that released recently a new 7″ on I.Corrupt Records filled with blasting riffs and frantic drums, six songs of pure rage and furious dynamics. Not to miss.

Coke Bust | Vaccine – Split [2012]

Coke Bust
1. Pain And Suffering
2. Permanent Mission
3. Empty Void
4. Social Currency
5. Ball And Chain
6. Inferior
7. Blind Consumption
8. Futureless
9. When Will We Learn
This is a killer split, Coke Bust are a pummeling band from Washington DC formed in 2006 fast and raging, Vaccines instead represented a news to me since members were in band like Orchid, Ampere and Relics, their sound represent this with more chaotic and noisy hardcore. They are touring Europe these days.